Vulnerable '22

The concept of the collection is about embracing the strength of vulnerability. The dual nature of vulnerability is expressed through the balance of structure and fluidity in the headgears as it shows the contradicting nature of vulnerability where it gives one immense strength while letting you connect to your pure self.

Extravagant silhouettes and multiple layers of fabrics, fringes and handmade roses on statement headgears celebrates the power of vulnerability through its uniqueness and handmade appeal. All white headgears exude peace and serenity that one achieves by overcoming their past, it a bliss one gets by accepting the present and hope for the future.

The headgear inspired by the universal beauty of Starry Nights by Van Gogh has around 400 handmade strands of glass beads meticulously hand stitched onto the headgear as it gives a new multi-colored dimension to it. 

Different shades of pinks, oranges, blues and green sparks hope WHILE the use of silks, jute and tulle are an epitome of luxury.