About Us

Ara Lumiere initiate action, setting as an institution of resilience and expression. Transforming “disfigurements” of the body and soul into power within the multi dimensions and layers of a being.

Turning struggles to triumph, Ara Lumiere was envisioned to bring the untold stories of acid attack and burn survivors to the forefront through the seams of hand crafted couture.

Exclusively, created by the survivors, each stitch sets as an expression that embodies the transcends of healing and transformation to take back their control of a narrative imprinted by their surroundings.

Brought together by Hothur Foundation under the mentorship of Kulsum Shadab Wahab.

Ara Lumiere brings together energies where creativity meets equity... Diversity meets Inclusivity... Exclusivity meets empowerment.

Fashion meets resilience.

Founder's Note

Kulsum Shadab Wahab is the founder and creative director of Ara Lumiere which was envisioned and bought together under Hothur Foundation. 

While working closely with survivors of acid attacks. Each untold story of physical and psychological trauma resonated within her heart, bringing in a clear pathway towards a journey to showcase these forgotten stories of the survivors into the forefront as they set their progression towards nourishment and healing, through medical aid such as skin banking, per the survivor’s requirement which is usually an extensive course of surgeries in a year. 

In combination with mental health aid that is nurtured in a safe environment that helps these women re-establish themselves back into society, which is a process not bound with time. The collections stand as a personal expression of ideas and beliefs that are engraved.

These women are the heart of the entire project fueled by the devotion for fashion, a flow of art that speaks of resilience and strength. Working towards making the women of Ara self-sufficient as the proceedings are worked into building a strong foundation for the survivors and their livelihood. 

Our women care for themselves, they care for their families, they care for the people and for the environment. In an effort to steer sustainability and preserve the handloom treasures of the country, we recycle, reuse and upcycle embellishments, fabrics and jewelled adornments giving each material a new life just like the one our women are living. We support the indomitable spirit of the woman and believe in the unquantifiable contribution they can make to humans and to the planet.  

“We support the indomitable spirit of the woman and believe in the unquantifiable contribution they can make to humans and to the planet. We are proud advocates of ECO-GENDER, a concept that only came into light recently but has been practiced by us since long. "

Victory Over Violence.

Kulsum Shadab Wahab