The SS24 collection is a celebration of resilience, triumph and transformation ; A New Dawn. Embracing the power of metamorphosis, awakening our dormant passions and unleashing our truest form within our imagined realities. This time around, rather than giving in to our sartorial conscience ; we become the architects of our re-birth. Harbingers of a New Dawn creating space for the reviving spirits to radiate, embracing a newfound sense of confidence and vitality.  Taking inspiration from our resilient survivors, New Dawn aims to rekindle the spirit of Ara Lumiere and its community of ardent supporters. Finding strength from the little sparks of joy reflected in the collection through the minute details seeping through colours that illuminates the body and spirit. The incoming dawn trickles through the visual metaphors of creative prints and pops of colour. Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey, knowing that within us lies the power to rewrite our stories and create a future filled with boundless possibilities.