The Spring-Summer 2024 collection draws inspiration from the ability of human’s spirit to heal and thrive after a traumatic experience. The concept revolves around the idea of tranquil getaway as it draws inspiration from nature's transformative processes, such as metamorphosis and regeneration to inspire hope, celebrate resilience, and raise awareness about the importance of mental and emotional healing of our survivors.
This collection boasts captivating prints that embody the essence of nature-inspired motifs and themes like pohutukawa flowers, African daisies and rustic ropes found on boats to evoke the feeling of healing and growth and celebrate the empowering journey of our survivors. The colour palette seamlessly transitions from the depths of night to the radiance of daybreak, mirroring the journey from twilight's richness to the vibrant hues of sunrise as it reflects the ups and downs and symbolic elements like hidden pockets for inner strength and resilience. Each silhouette has been meticulously curated to deliver a harmonious blend of comfort and opulence, catering to a lavish and relaxed vacation experience. From effortless Egyptian cotton daytime dresses perfect for leisurely strolls to sumptuous silk ensembles tailored for elegant evening soirées, this collection blends relaxation and sophistication.
Summer Solstice serve as a creative and empowering platform for individuals who have experienced trauma, emphasizing their journey of healing, strength, and revival as it celebrates the emergence of newfound lightness.